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A&C Tours Japan is a family run business that functions as a tour operator and tour conductor.

We specialize in creating, arranging, and escorting friendly, private and small group tours of Japan. Akemi and Craig work closely together to create unique tours that are specifically tailored to suit small groups of no more than 10 people.

Akemi's local knowledge and Craig's experience travelling throughout Japan allows them to create unique tour itineraries which include excellent accommodation that has been carefully selected to give you a pleasant stay in the best locations without inflating the cost of your tour unnecessarily, great sites of natural, historical and social interest, and the opportunity to enjoy Japan as the locals do. Akemi also has a real passion for healthy Japanese food, so each tour itinerary has been specially created to give travellers the best opportunity to try delicious local specialties as they travel through different regions of Japan.

Different from many other tour operators, all of our private and small group tours are lead by the very same person that has been involved in the creation of them. All of our tours are lead by Craig, meaning when you book a tour with A&C Tours Japan, you know who will be looking after you from the planning stages right through to the tour itself.


Our mission is to provide unique and friendly private and small group tours of Japan that offer great value and promote happy, healthy living. We are dedicated to creating tours that have interesting visits and activities rather than tours that simply follow regular tourist trails. Our small group tours often visit the same cities as other tours, but we offer special experiences off the regular tourist trails as well as plenty of free time to fully enjoy each place. Some tours spend far too much time travelling from one place to another. You will "visit" a lot of places, but you will not "experience" a lot of places. Our objective at A&C Tours Japan is to spend more time at our destinations and less time travelling.

We look forward to seeing you on one of our fully escorted private or small group tours of Japan sometime soon!

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