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Useful Japanese Greetings & Phrases

What a perfect time to study some Japanese to use on your next trip to Japan! We have put together some basic greetings and useful phrases that can be easily remembered and used in a variety of situations. If you have any questions please drop us a line. Ganbatte ne (do your best)!


Good morning - Ohayo gozaimasu

Hello - Konnichiwa

Good evening - Konbanwa

How are you? - Genki desu ka?

I'm fine - Hai, genki desu

Not bad (so so) - Maa maa desu

Thank you - Arigatou

You are welcome - Dou itashi mashite

Please - Onegai shimasu

Sorry - Gomen nasai

Useful Phrases

I got it (I understand) - Wakatta What’s the matter? - Dou shita?

I don't understand - Wakaranai No idea - Zen zen wakaranai

I don't know - Shiranai I'm just looking - Mitteiru dake What do you recommend? - Osusume wa? Sounds good (Looks good etc) - Ii ne

Delicious - Oishii

I think so - Sou omou I don’t think so - Sou omowanai Just joking (kidding) - Jyoudan I have a hangover - Futsuka yoi I have jet lag - Jissa boke Piece of cake - Rakusho Sold out - Urikire

What - Nani

Where - Doko

Who - Dare

Why - Naze

How - Dou yatte

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