Useful Japanese Phrases & Questions (Intermediate)

What a perfect time to study some Japanese to use on your next trip to Japan! We have put together a list of some useful intermediate level phrases and questions that can be easily remembered and used in a variety of situations. If you have any questions please drop us a line. Ganbatte ne (do your best)!

Useful Phrases

All you can eat - Tabehodai

All you can drink - Nomihodai

A beer please - Bi-ru kudasai

I'm nervous - Kincho shiteiru

Finally - Yatto

Never mind (No worries) - Ki ni shinaide

I'm thirsty - Nodo ga kawaita

I'm hungry - Onaka ga suita

It's interesting - Omoshiroi

It's fun - Tanoshii

I love sushi - Sushi ga daisuki

I hate sake - Sake ga kirai

It's hot - Atsui desu

It's cold - Samui desu

I'm sick - Byoki desu

I'm tired - Tsukarete imasu

My name is ... - Watashi no namae wa ... desu

I come from Australia - Watashi wa O-sutoraria kara desu

It's raining - Ame ga futte imasu

It's snowing - Yuki ga futte imasu

It's sunny - Harete imasu

It's cloudy - Kumotte imasu

Please help me - tasukete kudasai

I'm lost - Mayotte imasu

Please take me to this hotel - Kono hoteru made onegai shimasu

Useful Questions

Where is the toilet? - Toire wa doko desu ka?

Where is the train station? - Eki wa doko desu ka?

Where is the police station? - Keisatsusho wa doko desu ka?

Where is the hospital? - Byoin wa doko desu ka?

What time is it? - Nanji desu ka?

What is your name? - Onamae wa nan desu ka?

How old are you? Anata wa nansai desu ka?

What's the weather like today? - Kyo no otenki wa?

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